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Big Apple Unpeeled 8th October - 8th November 2010

About Karen Strunks

Karen Strunks is a professional photographer, blogger, creative entrepreneur and director of the global photography project; 4am Project. Her passion for new and innovative ideas has led to her becoming a key figure in the social media community in her home city of Birmingham, UK.

Her skill for photography and knowledge of social media is behind Karen's success at building an online community of photographers at the 4am Project. She is dedicated to engaging people, bringing online ideas to life and creating offline participatory events.

In the last few years Karen has immersed herself in her photography business, and has brought ideas to fruition in the online arena. Embracing new media she has connected people from all over the world. More than ‘just' a photographer she has developed her business and online presence single handedly from scratch. Her devotion and energy has brought her success in areas of social media. The 4am Project has attracted over 4,000 submissions from photographers in 40 countries - grown from her own business plan, including PR and marketing drive using local, national and international channels.

She shares her expertise and creative business acumen by giving presentations, and advising students of business and photography.

Karen's work has been featured in.....



Loves social media and uses it to make connections, get business, make friends and organise her social life

Has learnt that the fastest way to gain experience is to just do it.

Is undeterred by obstacles - she'll go under, through, over, around, or just knock the whole thing down

Knows that ongoing learning is the key to business success and personal satisfaction

Is diligent - enjoys the challenge of working hard and feels fortunate that she loves her work.

Loves innovative, quirky, digital ideas

Is naturally curious in the nicest possible way!

Is skilled at organizing events and motivating people to attend. A major accomplishment, especially for the 4am Project!

Lives in the 'creative village' of Moseley, Birmingham, UK

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