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Big Apple Unpeeled 8th October - 8th November 2010

Wednesday 6 October 2010

Goodbye Birmingham...Hello Manhattan!

At this time on Friday, I'll be landing at Newark airport ready to begin the Big Apple Unpeeled adventure!

My bags are packed. Well, they have been packed for two weeks now! There are advantages to being a premature packer I can assure you. Well, apart from the tiny matter of trying to squeeze 9lbs/1000 flyers in at the last minute!

I always like to be prepared, but I think on this occasion I was a little too prepared and hadn't bargained for the size or weight of the flyers!

The flyers are advertising the 4am Project photo walk that I am going to hold in Times Square on 17th October. I've been doing as much of my own PR as possible and thought I'd back that up by handing these out to folks in New York.

I'm planning on doing this on the first few days I am in the city, and hope that it might prove a good way of getting to know new people too!

With hindsight being the wonderful thing that it is, I guess I should have printed the flyers in NYC, but hey, I can't think of everything.

So, the next time I write here, I'll be in the heart of Manhattan and will be beginning to unpeel the Big Apple!

Stay tuned for photos, videos, stories and more!

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