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Big Apple Unpeeled 8th October - 8th November 2010

Monday 16 August 2010

My handy little pocket computer

During the next few weeks, I'll be chatting about some of the tech I am taking with me to New York.

First up! My iPhone.

I sometimes wonder how I managed without it. I purchased my iPhone earlier this year and I haven't looked back.

This is going to be an essential tool in my Big Apple Unpeeled adventure. It will be by my side pretty much at all times and it will be very useful for giving up to the minute reports, photographs and videos. It's handily got everything I need.

Some of the benefits of an iPhone for my trip:

  • Pocket Sized
  • Easy to use
  • Internet browsing
  • Maps - Handy if I get lost!
  • Camera & video including live video streaming applications
  • Email access
  • Built in wifi
  • Dictaphone - Handy for making memos on the move
  • Great apps! Twitter, flickr, youtube, weather, blogging, what's on, news.....
  • Oh, and it makes phone calls and sends texts!

What more could you ask for? Well, the only thing I can see being a bit of a problem is it's battery life. For average day to day use I have to charge my phone once a day. With heavier use in New York I can see me running out of power before the end of the day.

This is something I am going to have to look into - to see if there is a mobile charger of sorts that can help extend the battery life. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. And if you think there are any apps that would be essential to the Big Apple Unpeeled trip, give me a shout! :)

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  1. Woo for you Karen! I'm sure you'll love it.
    When I went last year I found a few things useful.
    1. The NYC Guide book we borrowed from a friend with lots of tourist attractions to visit
    2. iPhone apps: New York Subway for finding stations and routes, New York City (Offline) Maps - saves using data abroad,
    3. Evernote - I put in all my travel details and documents and made them favourites (so stored locally) just in case things got lost. I also used it to clip bits of websites for places to go, to list restaurants, etc
    4. Dropbox - I put in some travel PDF's in here and saved them locally, again to save using data abroad.
    5. Post Office Travel Money Card - pure gold for using abroard. Travellers Cheques are a pain to change but you can use the Money Card in any ATM machine.

    Looking forward to reading more posts as you gear up!

  2. Hi Dom,

    Wow, thanks for all the tips! I can NOT wait! Lots to do before I leave though.

    1. I think I have about 11 guide books at the mo lol. A friend kindly lent me 6. Various titles, so I'm dipping in & out of those making notes.

    2. I'm filling my iphone up with NYC apps! Got a couple of small paper ones too.

    3. Brilliant idea. I don't think I've used Evernote before. I'll check it out!

    4. Ah good idea! Was going to use Dropbox as storage for photos and video (as well as a saving externally). I can pop my other 'documents' on there too.

    5. Brilliant! I was just looking at Barclays travel card yesterday (visa). Seems cheap enough to use, but wanted to spread money over two cards - just in case, so will def check out the post office one.

    Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the blog :)

  3. Hey! One of the things that HAMMERS the battery on iPhones is 3G. As you'll have this turned off in the US (and make sure you do!) you will find you get longer life in NYC. WiFi just doesn't suck the juice like 3G.

    Randomy - (and this is VERY STRANGE) the GPS works even if you don't have Wifi - very handy if you are lost...!

  4. Hi! :) Ah, thank you! I'm going to make a note of that! That's one of the very few annoying things about the iPhone, it's such a juice drainer. I was used to charging my old phone once a month haha. x


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